Thursday, October 25, 2012

Later the same day ... As I am presenting a talk and workshop on writing poetry on 1st December, I've decided to create a Power Point presentation as well as a display of my publications, products and artefacts. I've just been through my 3 volumes of journalistic photo albums of the years I was "Poetic Licence" and created an A-Z plan. It is as random as my life as a poet, as quicksilver as my off-the-cuff poems.

I am surprised when I look through photos and copies of event writings at how much I've continued the madcap life through 18 years of working full time.

I have been a featured guest at a Living Library, created and performed at my own series of poetry readings here in my town, won a local poetry competition with two Zambia-based poems, done guest appearances at children's writing festivals, and written commissioned celebratory poems via email.

In our town, the Blacksmiths Cottage is the nearest thing we have to a museum. In 2008, the committee organised a display of wedding outfits from past epochs. I wrote poems for the visitors. Not quite as flamboyant as I used to be, but still quick with the pen on clipboard and carbon paper!

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