Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When you are living life, what is the point of talking about it?

I completed the Advanced Course with a new realm of possibility called being the stand I am, matching Landmark Forum Leader. I can't wait to lead my next Self-Expression and Leadership Programme, starting December 8. I drove to Ballarat today to see a specialist about my hearing. All the way there I was in my head, talking to the participants I haven't yet met. It's like they say: when you have an injury and you practise moving the damaged arm or leg, this gives your brain the access to helping rehabilitated movement. I am practising energising my brain to say what will make a difference.

Over the weekend, I got that I can make stuff happen, including Edith becoming the President of Zambia, if that's what she wants. Tonight, I surfed "women presidents in the world and in Africa" and "Edith Nawakwi". She faces some vitriolic opposition. Still, she keeps herself in the public eye. I must call her, offer coaching perhaps??

After Day 6 of the Poem-A-Day Challenge, I was totally uninspired by the prompts. I have been unwilling to continue. I am going to do my "random word in dictionary" thing until I experience being free and in the zone again.

I have been preparing for my appearance as "Jennie Fraine, innovative poet" at Lerderderg Library's Bacch Chat event on Sat 1 Dec 12. I will earn money! I can claim expenses on tax! I must find a tax consultant who really knows how writers/artists can manage random income, constant investment.

Meanwhile, here's a photo for restfulness.

Rising to the sun,
to light and heat,
callistemon asks for
Honeyeaters and bees
willingly oblige.

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