Monday, May 6, 2013

At last! The map is unveiled, the people delighted, everything came together beautifully. My brother is a genius at creating maps of worlds that didn't exist before - my poetically sprinkled parts of Australia.

What's come out of the project: new opportunities!
Newport Fiddle & Folk Festival in July
Daylesford Folk Blues Festival in October
U3A workshops in Gisborne in July
A Moorabool Shire Community Arts Grant to create opportunities for writers to get together and learn together.

My mind buzzes once again with new ideas. And all this in the midst of probably the busiest period of my working life!

A Case For Trading Places in Lerderderg Library all April

Nichole took this. She likes the quirky angle.

A lifetime of display: maps, t-shirts, framed poems, lamination, little books ...

Verses hanging on every shelf of printed word!

Lou Callow and I - not a significant occasion!

Although John from the Council may be taking things a little more seriously.

Well, the audience didn't run out screaming!!

OK, John, ready, set ...

GO! and there they are: two halves of a Poetic Shire.

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