Sunday, June 2, 2013

My friend who has moved to a property in Bungal, past Gordon and Mt Egerton, showed me her screen printings yesterday when I visited her. There was a series of a bird and a cage (bird upside down inside cage, bird standing inside cage, bird walking out of cage). The cage had no bars. It was rather like Sylvia Plath's bell jar. It set me thinking about the theme: I have an empty bird cage outside my art room, its floor littered with dead leaves, sodden after rain right now. I have a drawing I did in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, way back in 1980-something, titled "The Empty Bird Cage". I have a postcard with a similar image. This inspired my newest poem on Jaywig's Jotter, called "Just a Thought". I am going to explore the theme, and maybe with other women, maybe as part of the Community Arts Grant project ...

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