Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's a Long Weekend and I thought I'd spend it writing memoir. However, in the absence of a proper plan, my actions have been more eclectic. As a writer, I have discovered so many fun things to do regularly - Chamber Poets in Woodend, The Salon at Writers Vic, a course at Writers Vic called "Writers' Toolkit" ... I've also booked into The Discovery of Joy online project with Writing Our Way Home and registered for a Character Development course at Writers Vic and Poetry workshops via Australian Poetry later in the year. I'll be going to the free ABC Open session in Ballan next week, and local RAV sessions next month.

Our first session of The Writer's Toolkit started a little shakily as no-one could get our leader's computer and its Powerpoint programme to work. But once we started, it was an eye-opener, an introduction to sites like Feedly, Diigo, Evernote and others. Our homework is to register with Diigo, which I've accomplished today, and to upload a link to an online resource I already use, which I haven't done. 

I've also forwarded the mini project of distributing Mapping Moorabool in Poetry booklets by emailing several people requesting information (addresses etc). I've cleaned up my Inbox. Although it's not empty. Yet. I've trawled sites like Australian Poetry, and planned who I'll call about what and when. I discovered the wonderful writing and photographic opportunities on ABC Open, and bookmarked them. And now I'm on Evernote, I can begin to store bookmarks more accessibly. 

Yesterday an old friend of Mum's came for lunch and it was 5pm before I could do anything playful. However, I managed to print the travel photos of 2011, so am ready to complete my records of Life in 2011.

Meanwhile, the Librarian has begun a conversation about setting up a different kind of writers' group, possibly in Ballan, where skills get shared and we develop our writing - skills, profiles, "platforms"?

I gave it some thought today, no conclusions yet. I brainstormed some more about what to do with my Community Arts Grant, and how, and when. Nothing set in concrete yet. At the Chamber Poets last Friday night, I asked Myron to work with me. That dovetails nicely with Lyn's suggestions at Harvest Writers to have people walk together, write impressions, read as a group.

I bought an A4 Quill Presentation Diary with black pages last week on a whim and plan to add "Artist's Diary" to my fun times. Time now to cook dinner.

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