Sunday, September 15, 2013

Moving the Creative Centre of My Home

What a business! It seemed so easy, on paper. To transfer all creative materials to the room with a door, and create a reading space in the room without. Two weeks later, I'm able to type on the laptop at my writing desk, surrounded by That's Not Art, Creative Memories and Writing resources. The other room is still chaotic. 

What's satisfying, though, is to sort out what needs to be recycled either to Op Shops or Gumtree. 

And ... the creative spirit is never still. Having contributed to stamping out measles on the planet, and having created the map of Moorabool Shire in poetry, I now am aiming to create a garden celebrating Inspiration. The idea is for people to plant a small flowering bush with a plaque acknowledging one person they met in their lives who has inspired them. And a booklet of the stories about these inspiring people. All to be done by 30 Jan 14.

This weekend we launched Writers' Craft monthly sessions, with a fascinating session on Short Fiction led by Tru Dowling from Bendigo. We had just enough table space for the ten of us to try out exercises she suggested, and I was pleased to meet three young women recently moved to Bacchus Marsh who are passionate about writing.

I dashed off afterwards to catch the last minutes of the Community Art Garden Launch at the local Baptist Church. Looking around at the people there, I recognised at least 80% of them and had to acknowledge to myself that I have become truly "embedded" in this community over the past 5 years, and that is an unfamiliar yet pleasing - even exciting - experience.

After that, off to Woodend for Chamber Poets #8, another enjoyable poetry reading and music session. What I like most is the generous allowance for Open Mic readings, which take up the first half of the 2-hour session. Myron Lysenko is also an entertaining host and compere and the arty venue provides plenty of visual pleasure as well.

Now to make sure I create time in my schedule to ensure I complete my Zambia 1976-78 memoir by 30 Jun 14.

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