Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Happens To The Arty Life When One Is Not Being Arty?

Just love a chance to advertise Poetry!

A rather wintry Spring in our Steps

Librarian, poet and cartographer in front of The Map

Answer: it vanishes!

Today I finally got almost everything in this Arty Room organised. I even found writing magazines I had dumped on a coffee table and forgotten to read. I was tut-tutting to myself about being conned into paying fraudulent subscriptions! Such is the rapid switch my mind makes when I stop being responsible for my environment.

I find reading the newspapers, even the Age, tests my tolerance, so I only do it when I want to tone up my ability to be bigger than my petty and misguided thoughts. I've been doing it a lot since September 7th, Federal Election Day. 

Anyway, the Spring in Our Steps Walks and the Writers Craft sessions have been fun. I was featured reader (poetry) twice at two separate events on one day. And completed two writing gigs at two very different festivals (one celebrating folk music, the other entertaining a city of children).

I moved the piano from my office once a whole set of new office furniture arrived. It's now in the restful reading and music room with all my treasures. I have found myself wandering in, sitting down, playing sonatinas slowly. It is very relaxing.

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