Monday, March 10, 2014

The Observer Leaps Onto Life's Court

Just call me Action Woman. If the date of the last blog doesn't tell you something about my life, I don't know what will. 

I am so enamoured of playing the observer role, noting journeys and character in my always-present journal, dreaming up poems about the garden I watch all day from office or playroom, listening to conversations of people, birds, aeroplanes, the wind ...

And yet I live an extremely active life. My sports are diverse: leading leadership programmes; creating an import business with African friends; attending and performing at poetry readings and writers' salons; writing three memoirs; submitting writings to magazines, anthologies, local arty projects (poetry published in two anthologies and at one railway station as a result since 2013); creating an anthology of Moon Poems with two friends online; participating in interesting art events (ever heard of Zentangling? I found out about it on Saturday) and writers craft sessions locally; meeting with three working groups in my town (Community empowerment, library BacchChat Sessions, Writers Craft creators); attending weekly fitness classes and choir practices; coffee and chat sessions with friends; and looking after my elderly mother's needs as well as working for money for a global company from home full time. You don't know how I fit it all in? The secret is planning and being able to be and do where and what I said I'd be and do. 

There are the short-term projects as well - volunteering at the regional Singers Festival in early January, attending a Training and Development weekend for my leading of Leadership programmes, having a "Now I'm 64" event two weeks after my actual birthday with 20 women sharing their 2013 accomplishments, and getting ready for my son's official entry into the Greek community by marrying the beautiful Eleni. We're up to the bit where Eleni and I go seeking the perfect outfit for Mother of Groom. I'm glad I've got an expert with me!

My next project is to create a Write-A-Thon to raise money for books, and collect books, for refugees in camps. 

That'll do until June.

I'll let you know how all that goes. Cheerio.

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